Homebuyer Services

Building Wealth Through Homeownership

We know that homeownership is an essential tool to building generational wealth. That’s why we support you in reaching your homeownership goals by offering access to homebuyer services that are designed to build stability and economic mobility.

One-on-One Housing Counseling Services Offered by our Network

Homebuyer Preparation Counseling
tax book iconProperty Tax Assistance Counseling
Individual Financial Counseling iconFinancial Counseling

Group Educational Workshops Offered by our Network

House keys iconHomebuyer Education for Down Payment Assistance

Homebuyer education workshops will guide you through the entire homebuying process and can even help you qualify for down payment assistance programs. In a group setting led by a HUD-certified housing counselor, you will learn about the current housing market, lending requirements and other resources that can help you reach your homeownership goal.

Service Providers in our Network

Bridging Communities, Inc.

Central Detroit Christian

Matrix Human Services


Wayne Metropolitan C.A.A.

If you want to learn more about the homebuying process, or are looking to qualify for a down payment assistance program, click below to begin your intake form!

Document iconDetroit Land Bank Education
House iconHousing Rights Education
money in hand iconFraud and Predatory Lending Education
Dollar iconFinancial Education

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a homebuyer education certificate to qualify for a down payment assistance program, you need to attend a group educational workshop. Follow the instructions below to sign up for a workshop:


  1. Click on the Homebuyer Education icon above and read more about our workshops.
  2. Click "Get Started" to begin our online intake form.
  3. On page two of the intake form, choose "Group Educational Workshops" and "Homebuyer Education."
  4. On page three of the intake form, choose the homebuyer education workshop that works for your needs.
  5. Complete and submit the intake form. You will receive a reminder about your workshop by email two days before it is scheduled.

Please note that attending a group workshop is likely only one of the requirements for the down payment assistance program - ask you realtor or lender for more information about other requirements and qualifications.

Receiving a homebuyer education certificate DOES NOT automatically qualify you for down payment assistance.


If you are a homebuyer interested in exploring down payment assistance programs with a housing counselor, you need to attend a one-on-one homebuyer preparation session. Follow the instructions below to sign up for a session:


  1. Click on the Homebuyer Preparation icon above and read more about one-on-one sessions.
  2. Click "Get Started" to begin our online intake form.
  3. On page two of the intake form, choose "One-on-One Housing Counseling" and "Homebuyer Preparation Counseling."
  4. Complete and submit the intake form. A DHN Member will then send you an email to schedule your one-on-one housing counseling session.

We offer access to a wide variety of local, state and federal housing programs and services through our Network Members. DHN’s services can be organized into three categories:

  1. One-on-One Housing Counseling
  2. Group Educational Workshops
  3. Housing Programs and Products

Read more about each of these service categories on our Services page here.

Accessing any of the Detroit Housing Network’s housing programs or services begins with our online intake form – also known as the Housing Service Intake Form. You can access and submit our intake form here or by clicking the Get Started button. Page one of our intake form provides instructions on completing the intake form.


Documents and Information Needed

The intake form will ask you to upload several documents related to you and your home. Be prepared to upload documents such as your State issued ID, proof of income, utility statements, mortgage statement and others. Required documents will vary by service selected.

The intake form will also ask for personal information related to your household, financials and other information that could qualify you for housing programs or services.


What to Expect After Submitting Your Intake Form

Submit your intake form and a Detroit Housing Network Member will reach out to you via email to complete the intake process.

Yes. If you need support submitting our intake form, you can call the Housing Resource Helpline at (866)-313-2520 to be connected to the Detroit Housing Resource Helpline.

A housing specialist will work with you to choose the services you are interested and direct you to a Detroit Housing Network Member who provides access to that service.

If you have already completed our intake form and received a service from one of our Network Members, reach out to the Detroit Housing Network Member that you last worked with to receive additional housing services.  

A complete list of Network Members and their contact information can be found on our Network Members page here. Network Members are available over the phone and in-person, however, it is recommended that you call Members before stopping by their location. 


If You Submitted an Intake Form and No One Has Contacted You  

If it has been more than five business days since you submitted your intake form and no one has contacted you via email, contact the Detroit Housing Network at DHN@CHNHousingPartners.org for an update on its status. 

Detroit Housing Network (DHN) Members are local housing nonprofits that connect clients to a wide variety of local, state and federal housing programs and services available in Detroit. DHN Members work with clients to find, understand and apply for the housing services that will get them closer to their housing goals.  


Joining the Detroit Housing Network 

Local housing nonprofits who are interested in joining the Detroit Housing Network, can contact us at DHN@CHNHousingPartners.org to learn more.